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2006 - Limerick Comics



Unspannend means 'Unexiting'. These are comics where almost nothing happens.
Or where something seems to be about to happen, and doesn't.

(Cover-illustration by Wittek, after an idea-sketch by me. Logo by me)

(the little Konky chappie is thinking: 'Actually, this is rather unexiting')
Oh, and in the preceding panel, 'zusammenklapp' means he's closing the book (litterally 'together-clapping'). It's really funny, trust me.)

Jam Comics (1990s)

By me and Andy Roberts:

Alternating between me (all panels on the left) and first Andreas Alt, then Joel Naber:

First (or top) strip by me, then Rayman,Andy Roberts,Marcel Ruijters,Gilliom,Reinder Dijkhuis

First (or top) strip by me, then Lee Kennedy, ? , Jean-Paul Jennequin,Woodrow Phoenix, Craig Conlan

First and last panel by me, then James Kochalka,Chris Webster,Pat Moriarity,Jim Cameron

First and last panel by me, then Andy Roberts, Jim Cameron, Simon Gane, Chris Webster

First and last panel by me, then Chris Webster, Jim Cameron, David Morris, Terry Wiley



Wounded Sokrates
(after the short story by Bertolt Brecht)

(mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Merkur)

Autobiographical (sort of) (2006)

'Die Gestalten'

'Sequence 1' (Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 inches) 2013

for exihibtion 'Script Score' Nov 2012, curated by John Miers

Ink, size A3, 2011

Pen & watercolour, size A5, 2011

(Ink & watercolour/gouache, size A4)
(published in the anthology 'Abstract Comics' by Fantagraphics, 2010, editor Andrei Molotiu)

and a few more, less abstract. Colour added in 2011:

Ink, size A3 2008


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