Johann Bahr

'Der kurzsichtige Bassgeiger' (The short-sighted bass-player)

'Schnelles Wachstum' (Fast growth)

'The Mechanical Racehorse' (originally published in 'Lustige Blätter' 1892, here also from 'Picture Magazine' 1893, minus one panel)

from 'Lustige Blätter' 1892'

from 'Lustige Blätter' 1892'

from 'Lustige Blätter' 1892'

(Speech by Professor Strubelmann on how to take care of your hair)

from 'Lustige Blätter' 1892'

'Der Sonntagsfrevler - oder - Die verbotene Angelei' (1892)

'Der gefoppte Schwarzseher' (1892)

'Better Than an Alrarum'

'The Clown Takes a Ride'

'Woes of a Chaperone' 1891

'A Nervous Lady Takes a Walk' 1892

'A Proposal under Difficulties'' 1892

'A Saving Man'

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