The First Graphic Novel - 1783
'Lenardo and Blandine' by Joseph Franz von Goez

(pronounced 'yozeff frunts fon goats/guts')

(translation by Andy Bleck, Nov. 2007)

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She stands up and moves as if about to talk..

..stands a while, oblivious to her thoughts, with downcast eyes..

..cries an aching 'Oh' heavenward..

..and is overcome by tears..

Now she covers the urn with her face and hair..

..and on her lap is pressing it hurtfully to her chest.

..holds it towards heaven and wants to smile..

..but suddenly sinks to earth..

.. and floods the urn with her tears.

Bewildered, with weakening senses, she moves closer to the seat..

..but keeps sinking next to it.

Dance for my grave, you kings, and ladies and gentlemen!

You're smiling contemptously - you don't want to?

Go away, noble riff-raff, go far away..

My bridegroom is he, I am his bride

His wife before heaven and earth!

My handsome love is full of high and sobre courage, look at him!

Listen to him mocking your airs and graces!

But to me he is waving kindly:

I want to .. I'll come ..pull me up!

We are betrothed for eternity!

Just my bridal jewels to take with me.

Help me, help me.. it is crushing me.

Lenardo you are

Your wife

I come

She's lying stricken, and dies.

King: My child! My child!

Thoughtless Father!


You were Adviser!

Upon you the curse of all sin!

And of the unhappy girl's death!

His downcast eyes espy the urn;

He seizes it, and in an excess of pain is wringing it heavenwards.

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