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F.M. Howarth
(Franklin Morris Howarth , died 1908)

Récréation Chinoise

Editor and Poet (Puck 1894)

'An ingenious Device' (Life - before 1893)

'Lovers of Art' (Life - before 1893)

'Pelle et Brouette' (originally published in 'Puck', reprinted in 'Polichinelle' 31 July 1898)

Le Portrait trop resemblant...

Un enlevement acrobatique...

The dog at the butcher's

(Le Rire, 2.November 1895 - orginially published in 'Judge')

An Assisted Flirtation (Puck 28. July 1897 )

Easily Arranged (Puck 28. July 1897 )

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