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Fred Opper

(These are from before 1893 - There's more by Opper in the '1900-1930' section)

The Wicket Seal Hunter and the Clever Seal

His Doctors, and how they didn't do him any good

A Real English Outfit in America

In Maine

The Result of Feeding a Neapolitan Greyhound on Macaroni

The Power of Habit

A Close Shave

(The Pretty Typewriter)

Mike Cassedy's Toothache

A Distinct Success

Saved - A Tale of Simple Heroism Rewarded

The latest dodge

A story of the road

A Quick Response

A slight error of judgement

Not quite out of practice

True too his word (Puck 28. July 1897)

(after 1900)
Si puts in a good word for Happy Hooligan (1912)

Happy Hooligan - There might have been a lot of wisdom... (1912)

Happy Hooligan - Sometimes it almost seems as if (1913)

(Happy Hooligan in German) (Deutsches Journal 1913)