Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood
(circa 1820)

Mark's Edition - Published by Fisk & Little, 82 State-Street, Albany, New York

In a Little Thatched Cot, by the side of a Wood,
Lived an innocent lass, Little Red Riding Hood;
You would scarce find her equal, the neighbours all say,
So kind and obedieant, so cheerful and gay.

One day this young lass, To Grandma was sent,
A nice pot of Butter, To her to present;
Besides a Cheesecake, And a new loaf of Bread,
For Grandma was ill, And confined to her Bed.

But her Mother before She set out on her way,
Charged her not on her journey To loiter or play;
This charge she neglected, And rambled for hours,;
To gather Primroses, And other wild flowers.

So she wandered about Till the close of the day,
When the wicked old Wolf, He came prowling that way,
He enquired her errand, She soon let him know
Ah! silly young creature, Why did she do so?

Away ran the Wolf, While his heart did rejoice,
And he knocked at the door, And spoke in a feign'd voice;
The Old Dame who for Her Grand-daughter did watch
Cried pull up the bobbin, Twill open the latch.

So he open'd the door, And run up stairs with speed,
Poor Grandmamma was Very much frightened indeed;
But he tore to pieces, Oh merciless beast,
To make of a poor Harmless Lady a Feast.

Then he put the poor Lady's Nightcap on his head,
And cunningly slipped himself Into the bed;
And when Riding Hood knocked As she'd oft done before,
Says the Wolf, pull the Bobbin 'Twill open the door.

Then up stairs she went, And was struck with surprise,
When she saw his sharp teeth, And his great goggle eyes;
She would have cried out, Bit at her he flew,
And tore her to pieces, And ate her up too.