This website in May 2000

'Andy's Early Comics Archive' has been going since early 2000, inspired by the Platinum Age Comics mailinglist (founded December 1999). My website started out as a link list. So, all it did was to refer to early comics on other websites - not that many at the time. (I had some pictures parked on another website, which is mentioned further down: 'My visual archive of early comics (just pictures, no text)'). Nowadays you would simply google particular artists, especially by using the Google image feature. On the other hand, how would you know the artist's names, let alone find anonymous works from earlier centuries? So, maybe a dedicated link list would still be useful, especially one focussing on more detailed contributions. Here's what I had come up with in May 2000.
It seems I had not even figured out how to create a link, so I just copied the website adresses into the text.


Note: this is a very old list, included for historical interest, where most of the links will be dead by now!!!

Frühe Comics
(Early Comics)

The best place to ask for further information is this mailing list:
Platinum Comics
e Diskussion of early comics, anything up to 1930.

When looking for stuff on the web, try <>. Within long texts your searchword is sometimes difficult to find, for that Google have a 'show matches' link to the same page, saved on their computers, with those words highlighted. Which is also handy when the actual page no longer exists online.

When looking for links about 'fine art' artists the best bet is:
Not as detailed as it could be, doesn't tell you if a site has two or 200 images of the chosen artist.

Some other searchengines:

<>,<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

This is a list of artists, divided chronologically into five groups and alphabetically within those groups. Some artists could be put into two groups of course, especially those straddling the 1900 divide, for instance Dirks. If you have a better idea, good for you. Well, I could have made 1896 the cutoff point, but the real change was the establishment of speechballoons, which happened gradually around the turn of the century. This list stops with 1929, before the appearance of non-comical adventure strips in the USA and the real start of modern comics with Hergé. The five time-groups are:
Very Early

Very Early:
(Illuminated Manuscripts and gothic painting)

Adam & Eve
Illumination (low res scan)

Cantigas de Alfonso el Sabio

Life of marine merchants
This comes from a rather interesting book, because it seems to contain several picturestories. In 'A history of Illuminated Manuscripts' by Hamel, p,147 is a charming comic about a man accidentally falling into a bullring, and being spared when the Virgin Mary sends the bull to sleep. The last panel shows the spectators congratulating the bull! (MS.C.I.I, f.200r)
e about Alfonso el Sabio (Alfonso the Wise) (1221/30-1284)
s Alfonso el Sabio (picture of him)

Queen Mary' Psalter 1300-1320
'This page is divided into six fields of different background patterns, all representing the figures of a prophet and an apostle. Their names are at the bottom of the fields.' - So it's not a comic whatsoever, but interesting for the speech bands (?) winding around the figures.

Legend of Saint Ladislas (from the Anjou Legendarium)

"The collection contains stories from the life of saints important for the House of Anjou. It was intended for children with brief text for the picture."
(Not exactly a comic, but the same guy in each picture)

(active 1278, died 1319)
Painting: Jesus healing the Blind Man - definitely a comic

Giovanni di Paolo
(active 1420, died 1482)
Beautiful gothic comic of a saint walking out of his house and up into the mountains, like the Duccio (above) both scenes within the same 'panel'.
A two-panel comic doesn't need two physical panels (in fact, those can be quite misleading, when they only show the same character in different situations in a longer story, which means they are two illustrations, not a comic.) (Yes, there is no clear division.)

1700 - 1800:

Engel, Johann Jacob
(1741 - 1802)
'Ideen zur Mimik' 2 Bände, Berlin 1785/86 of which a four-panel sequence for the play 'Otto von Wittelsbach' was reprinted in the Goez reprint from 1980 (see below). - (Prof. am Joachimsthaler Gymnasium in Berlin, unterrichtete u.a. d. Prinzen Friedr. Wilhelm III. u. galt als grosser Förderer d. Familienromans seiner Zt.)

Gillray, James
The Bull's Progress - 4 panel comic
The table's turned - 2 panel comic (with speechballoons !!!)
Very Slippery Weather - not a comic, but interesting as the background shows a shopwindow with lots of cartoons exhibited there. 
f Portfolio
e Mini Biogr. - Fat Cattle, 1802, hand colored etching
e 'The Bloomsbury Farmer Planting Bedfordshire Whear'

Goez, Joseph Franz Freiher von (1745-1815)
The inventor of the graphic novel (Sorry, Toepffarians). Well, maybe novelette, because 160 panels isn't really enough to call it a novel. Let's say comic book. Published in 1783, a very overacted melodrama called 'Lenardo und Blandine' after a poem by Bürger. Lots of sighing and dying. Especially sighing.
Complete title, first edition:
'Versuch einer zalreichen Folge leidenschaftlicher Entwürfe für empfindsame Kunst- und Schauspielfreunde. Erfunden, gezeichnet, geätzt und mit Anmerkungen begleitet ('with accompanying explanations') von J.F.von Götz, Augsburg (o.J.,1783)
Second edition, without the (lengthy) accompanying explanations! Apparently someone thought the public would understand the pictures on their own, with only the speech of the protagonists in short captions underneath:
'Lenardo und Blandine, ein Melodram nach Bürger in 160 Leidenschaftlichen Entwürfen. Erfunden und auf Kupfer gezeichnet von J.F.von Göz 1783' (o.O., Augsburg)
(He keeps spelling his name differently. Even more intriguing: he was a baron from Transylvania! Tabloid headline: 'Dracula Invents Comics Shock')
e biography
e Larger version of the Self-portrait & description
d Insel-Verlag (who did the reprint)
e Booksearch (all sold out)
i Not sure what this is. Scroll down to:
Josef Franz con Goez "Lenardo und Blandine" melologo per recitazione e orchestra (...) Gottfried August Buerger "Lenore" ballata per recitazione e pianoforte "Lenardo und Blandine" ballata per recitazione e pianoforte

Hogarth, William
Haven't found a site that lets you see the famous sequences in a convenient way. The one most of these urls are from ( has the prints all topsy turvy in no sequence. But you can enlarge them to see lots of detail, so that's good. When there is a better site I'll dump all this for one url.
You could also try:
'The William Hogarth Archive', which has an impressive 126 prints on view, but the list has no titles, just Image 001, Image 002 etc.
Pity there is no complete online page with the painted sequences. They are much more beautiful. (Compare the first two in Marriage a la Mode).
A Harlot's Progress

(1732) The complete series of engravings (6)

Marriage a la Mode:
(painted version scene 1, 1743 Oil on canvas, 70x91cm National Gallery, London)$Record?51325&=list&=51&=william&=And&=51&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f
(print version scene 1) (click several times on it to make it really large)
(painted version scene 2)$Record?51553&=list&=31&=william&=And&=38&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f
(print version scene 2) (the rest are all prints)$Record?51550&=list&=41&=william&=And&=41&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?51552&=list&=31&=william&=And&=39&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?51328&=list&=41&=william&=And&=48&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?51329&=list&=41&=william&=And&=47&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?51548&=list&=41&=william&=And&=43&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f

Rake's Progress$Record?47190&=list&=11&=william&=And&=11&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47191&=list&=1&=william&=And&=10&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47192&=list&=1&=william&=And&=9&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47193&=list&=1&=william&=And&=8&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47194&=list&=1&=william&=And&=7&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47195&=list&=61&=william&=And&=63&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47196&=list&=61&=william&=And&=62&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?47197&=list&=61&=william&=And&=61&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f
The last scene, here also in the painted version:

Before & After:$Record?51428&=list&=41&=william&=And&=45&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f$Record?51429&=list&=41&=william&=And&=44&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=hogarth%20&=&=&=Yes&=&=f

Holdings of the Tate Gallery, 13 paintings viewable online
Only 2 images, but one of them is the amazing 'The Battle of the Pictures',1744
My theory of why comics became possible is that the public had to be softened up for the mindboggling explosion of multi-panel imagery that comics present to the viewer (compared to what existed before). And this was accomplished by the thousands of prints which for the first time ever became widely available in the early 18th century. (Both modern music and modern imagery were established then). That's why comics or picturestories were not the direct result of new technology, but of the change of perception of non-sequential imagery. This change of course was the result of new technology, but it's very important to make the distinction, or one completely misunderstands the nature of comics.
Some argue that the invention of printing (on a small scale) in the early 1400s stopped book-illuminations and altar pieces to use picture stories, because the printed bits were put on separately from the images. Or that the fact that now the educated classes actually could read made expensive picturestories redundant. Another reason must surely be that artists suddenly saw themselves no longer as decorators or purveyors of religious propaganda, but creators of new aesthetic constructs, independent of the content; (ie, it was more important how the Madonna was painted than the fact that it was a Madonna). But it also ties in with my theory, that a printed comic as opposed to the odd painted one, would have been too much to stomach. 300 years later, when pictures became ubiquitous, was there no avoiding them, and the even more brutal notion of taking away the power of the single image by telling the story in lots of pictures could slowly take hold, to be finally, irrevocably, realised by Toepffer in 1827.
The 'Battle of the Pictures' print is a nice illustration of the new overwhelmingness of all those pictures being churned out at the time, for the first time.

Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827)
The Captain's account current - or - Charge and Discharge, 2 panel comic
Reform Advised - Reform Begun, 2 panel comic
The four seasons of love, 4 panel comic (duh!)
The Huntsman rising/The Gamester going to bed, 2 panels but not really a comic, more a comparison
The double Humbug - 2 panel comic
The Progress of Emperor Napoleon, 4 panel comic
e Links: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco   (628 gifs)
e 7 thumbs of the famous Doctor Syntax series of illustrations. Nothing to do with comcics of course, except that the protagonist and type of story clearly was a great influence on Toepffer. They are unusual too in that they were drawn before the text. And many of his cartoons are like that, even now they invite the viewer to invent a story for them.

1800 - 1850:

(Amédée de Noé) (1819-1879)
e (No Pictures)
f Curiosités du Dix-Neuvième Siècle Français (Biographie)
Satire on the beaked bonnet by "Cham" (Amédée de Noé); probably drawn in the 1840's, but apparently depicting the fashions of the early 1820's
f (Mini-biographie)
f Le Charivari
e (?)

Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)
The Brave Boys (287 kb) 2 panel comic
Snowgliding (214 kb) 2 panel comic
e 'Monstrosities' (of fashion)
e 46 comparisons between original artwork and printed version. (You can pull the lower window within the webwindow up with the mouse, otherwise scrolling becomes awkward.)

e/d 'Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers' with his and other's illustrations, for instance:
e Rumpelstilzchen
e links

Doré, Gustave
Histoire de la Sainte Russe 1854, p.117 211 kb
Histoire de la Sainte Russe 1854, p.179 183 kb
f 1847, Gustave Doré

Doyle, Richard (1824-1883)
The Mountainwalk
e The Illustrators Project

Dros, Gustave
f 1848, Monsieur Trouillard

Goya, Francisco (1746-1826)
La maja desnuda, 23 kb 1797-1800 circa
La maja vestida, 30kb 1800-1805
(ha, ha)

Fray Pedro & Maragato - The Monk Pedro and the Robber Maragato, 1812
Don't miss this one! A real comic, all done as fine art paintings. Probably totally unique.

Hoffman, Heinrich (1809-1894)
e Inhalt/Contents (The English versions are from Slovenly Peter or Cheerful Stories and Funny Pictures for Good Little Folks - Philadelphia: John C. Winston Company, n.d. ,1900?)
d Struwwelpeter Vorwort
e 1 Struwwelpeter translated by Mark Twain
- Struwwelpeter dual language -
d/e 1 Struwwelpeter (An den Händen beiden, Ließ er sich nicht schneiden)
d/e 2 Die Geschichte vom bösen Friederich /
The Story of Cruel Frederick(Er schlug die Stühl' und Vögel tot, Die Katzen litten große Not.)
d/e 3 Die gar traurige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug/ The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the Matches (Paulinchen war allein zu Haus, Die Eltern waren beide aus.)
d/e 4 Geschichte von den schwarzen Buben/ The Story of the Inky Boys (Die Sonne schien ihm aufs Gehirn, Da nahm er seinen Sonnenschirm.)
d/e 5 Die Geschichte von dem wilden Jäger/The Story of the Wild Huntsman (Er springt hinein. Die Noth war groß; Es schießt der Haas die Flinte los.)
d/e 6 Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher/The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb("Konrad!" sprach die Frau Mamma, "Ich geh aus und du bleibst da. ... )
d/e 7 Die Geschichte vom Suppen-Kaspar/The Story of Augustus who would not have any Soup (Der Kaspar, der war kerngesund, Ein dicker Bub und kegelrund,)
d/e 8 Die Geschichte vom Zappel-Philipp/The Story of Fidgety Philip (Und die Mutter blickte stumm, Auf dem ganzen Tisch herum.)
d/e 9 Die Geschichte von Hans Guck-in-die-Luft/The Story of Johnny Look-in-the-Air (Also daß er kerzengrad, Immer mehr zum Flusse trat.)
d/e 10 Die Geschichte vom fliegenden Robert/The Story of Flying Robert (Und der Hut fliegt weit voran, Stößt zuletzt am Himmel an.)
d/e/f Der Struwelpeter, Slovenly Peter, Pierre L'ébouriffé
- Original illustration by Edward Waldo Emerson
e Ralph Waldo Emerson and Struwwelpeter

Nadar (Félix Tournachon 1820-1910)
f 1848, Mossieu Réac

Pocci, Franz von
d Biographie (Eckart Sackmann)

Schroedter, Adolph (1805-1875)
d Biographie (Eckart Sackmann)
d "Piepmeyer" 26 KB Comic: political satire. German follower of Töpffer.

Töpffer, Rodolphe (1799-1846)
3 panels showing two independent actions, people going overboard in the foreground, a ship slowly approaching in the background.
page from 'Monsieur Jabot': Early use of speechballoons (well, thoughtballoons) containing a separate strip sequence (comic within a comic) (155 KB)
Many pages from the American edition. The first US comicbook in fact.
Brother Jonathan Extra - Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck, page 30
f Société d'Etudes Töpffériennes
f 'Töpffer Scenariste' Thierry Groensteenˆpffer,%20rodolphe%201799
- Genève: Bibliothèque publique et universitaire (Adresse und Liste der Nachlässe - Adresse et liste des fonds - Indrizzo e lista degli fondi)
e Embassy of Switzerland 2900 Cathedral Ave. NW Washington
f Essai sur Rodolphe Töpffer © Léonard Morand
h J.A.A. Goeverneur 1829-1861
- Bibliography of the translations (English, German)
Horay cover, (almost complete edition of the comics.)

1850 - 1900:

Brown, Tom
'Tired Tim and Weary Willy'
Comic: Phil Garlic, Bones & Billy Whiskers (1898)

Bunny (C.E.Schultze) (1866-1939)
'Foxy Grandpa'

Busch, Wilhelm (1832-1908)
The best English publication of his comics is "The Genius of Wilhelm Busch" translated & edited by Walter Arndt, (University of California Press 1982)
d The German Gutenberg site: His complete works in low res scans, circa 50 comics
Wots sis? Max und Moritz in den Vereinigten Staaten? Well, it's just the Katzies in a German language newspaper, where they are still named after their original inspiration:
'Max und Moritz bringen Sonneschein in Onkel Leo's Leben' Lustige Blätter des Morgen-Journal's - Copyright 1908 by the American and Examiner
e some comics, translated by Gabriele Kahn
e Hans Huckebein - der Unglücksrabe (the unlucky raven)
e/d Max & Moritz
f 'Pierre Le Gelee' (Der Eispeter) & Christian et la Pipe (lovely colours)
also on this site:
f 'Les attracteurs étranges de Wilhelm Busch' par Thierry Smolderen (4200 W)
comparison of original drawing and published version
MM page 'Übrigens bei alle dem, ist so etwas nicht bequem...' 1860
MM page 'Knacks! da bricht der Stuhl entzwei. Schwapp, da liegen sie im Brei.'
f le maître des premières BD muettes
d Krefelder Referate
d Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover · Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und kritische Grafik
d Ausstellung

Capy, Marcel (1865-1941)
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Caran D'Ache
e The Cow
e The Bracing Bath
e The Captain
f De 1881 à 1909, les BD de Caran d'Ache
f 1894-1999, Maestro, le chef d'oeuvre retrouvé de Caran d'Ache
f Maestro, de Caran d'Ache, fin du 19ème siècle.
f (Les années Caran d'Ache Catalogue de l’exposition présentée au Musée du 21 janvier au 3 mai 1998.)
e (see under 'Le Rire')
Also reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Christophe (1856-1945)
f Cosinus: version complete de cette album
Or just look at some pictures:

Daumier, Honore (1808-1879)
No, unfortunately he didn't draw any comics. If only.
e Louis Philippe, "La Poire", masks of 1831 - Leading Politicians, Gargantua litho1831

Dirks, Rudolph (1877-1968)
e Katzenjammer Kids (3300 W)
e Downloadable silent cartoon films (free)
e The "Other" Artists
d "Mit dose kids, society is nix" - Vor hundert Jahren erschienen die "Katzenjammer Kids" zum ersten Mal im New Yorker Journal  Jens Balzer
e Rudolph Dirks was born in 1877 in Heinde, Germany.
e The Katzenjammer Kids celebrate 100 years of mischief
A few facts about the funnies
e 'Much of this information came to us from a niece of Dirks. It was fun to meet her and have her tell about her two talented uncles.' Eberhard & Ruth Reichmann
e Harold H. Knerr (2900 W)
e 'Ethnic Characters in the Comics'
e 100th anniversary, Ed's Column from July 1997 (Runterrollen, da kommt erstmal weisse Flaeche,)
f BD Le Centenaire:'1877 naît Rudolph Dirks. Cet Allemand émigré aux...'

Doës, Louis-Christian (1859-1944)
Marvelous wordless Comic: "14, avenue Marigny" planche tirée des 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir':

Fau, Fernan (1858-1917)
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Frost, A. B.
(Arthur Burdett) (1851-1928)
Hopefully there will be a Frost Section on the Coconino site soon.
Comic: Gentleman tires of raking the garden, enlists helper. Harper's Bazaar, October 1884
Watercolour: Tiger having eaten professor, smoking. "She Was a Very Nice Girl" 1892; 21 kb

Godefroy (circa 1865-1903)
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Howarth, F.M.
(Franklin Morris) (1865-1908)

Kemble, W.C.(Edward Windsor) (1861-1933)
e ‘I've found hundreds of Kemble illustrations of African Americans in periodicals and...’

Meggendorfer, Lothar (1847-1925)
d Biographie (Eckart Sackmann)
Comic: Eine Moritat
e Bibliography (scroll down)

Oberländer, Adolf (1845-1923)
Together with Busch and Meggendorfer the most accomplished contributor to Münchner Bilderbogen.

Pissaro, Lucien
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Poirson, Victor Armand
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Sta, Henri de
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Staudinger, Karl
Brilliant Art Nouveau Comic: The Cat and the Dachshunds

Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre (1859-1923)
A whole series of comics can be studied here:
A moonlight Tragedy
A cute little girl
A mouse and two cats
Black cat and white cat
Cat and wool
Cat and Milkjug
Two Young Apes
Raven and Wine
The blind beggar
A cane-waving gentleman (use of speedlines)
e (see under 'Simplicissimus')
Also reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Stuck, Franz von
There is at least one funny and brilliantly drawn comicpage, 'Der Bauer im Museum' (or something similar). Stuck (pronounced Shtook) of course was a brilliant painter, for instance:
Der Mörder/The Murderer
Kuss der Sphinx/The Kiss of the Sphinx

Sullivan, J.F. (1875-1974)
Comic: The British Thief 375 kb
Comic: A Suburban Garden 328 kb
Comic: The Triumph of Row 326 kb
Comic: Our Gas Company 354 kb
Comic: Real Live Nightmare 431 kb

Swinnerton, James
(1875-1974) (wie Saint-Ogan)
e 2 panels, no text
e Biogr.

Tenniel, John (1820-1914)
e ‘Alice in Wonderland’
e Biog.
e (no pictures) The Tenniel Illustrations to the "Alice" Books

Uzès (1846-1909)
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Willette, Adolphe
reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see:

Yeats, Jack Butler
e Comic: The Farmer and the Farmlabourer

1900 - 1929:

Ahern, Gene (1895-1960)
Nov Schmoz Ka Pop?

Andersson, Oskar Emil (1877-1906)

Bancks, Jimmy (1895-1952)
e Ginger Meggs

Bateman, H.M. (1887-1970)
e Comic: The Politician who addressed the troops

Beck, Billy de (1890-1940)
Cover of new book on him

Berndt, Walter

Briggs, Clare (1875-1930)
e Biography, Selfportrait & single panel cartoon

Brunhoff, Jean
e Sendak on Children's books.

Byrnes, Gene (1889-1974)

Crosby, Percy (1890-1964)
Two dailies
e Bug Plant Biography

Crane, Roy (Royston Campbell)(1901-1977)

Dorgan, T.A. (‘TAD’) (1877-1929)

Dwiggins, Clare Victor (1874-1959)

(Frances Edwina Dumm) (1893-1990)

Ewer, Raymond Crawford (18 -1915)
'Slim Jim and the Force'

Feininger, Lionel (1871-1956)
Comic: The Kinder Kids (Introduction page) 195 kb
Comic: The Kinder Kids ‘Piemouth is rescued by kindhearted Pat’ 367 kb
e The Comic Strip Art of Lyonel Feininger, Reviewed by Robert Boyd, “Comics Library,” TCJ #178$Search
'fine art'

Fisher, Bud (Harry Conway) (1885-1954)
e Kellogs Cornflakes Werbe-Comic
e mini bio
e bibliography

Forton, Louis (1879-1934)
f Biographie (Pieds Nickelés)
f Bibi Fricotin (1928 à 1988)

Fox, Fontaine (1884-1964)
part of comicpage: Toonerville Folks

Fougasse (1887-1965)
e Comic

Frink, George (18 -1912)

Goldberg, Rube (1883-1970)
e Rube Goldberg - in a class of his own

Gray, Harold (1894-1968)
e Website

Gross, Milt (1895-1953)
e Milt Gross's version of William Faulkner's "The Wild Palms" 1939
e Biogr.
e Nize Baby! by Milt Gross

Gulbranson, Olaf (1873-1958)
d Museum

Hasleden, W.K. (1872-1953)
Comic: The Kaiser and his Son become Whirling Dervishes... 1916
Comic: If you could only think of it 1916 159 kb

Hamlin, Vincent T. (1900-1993)
e Alley Oop in Ancient Egypt Ed's Column from April 1998

Heine, T.T.
e (see under 'Simplicissimus')

Held Jr., John
None of his comics, but some very nice drawings:
Policeman hides eyes as flapper disrobes
Boy & Girl on a Couch
His Fingers encountered disappointment...
Life - cover

Herriman, George (1880-1944)
e famous article by Seldes: 'The Krazy Kat That Walks By Himself
daily 'Not Do?' 75 KB
daily 'Blindman's Bluff'
Sunday page 'A Brick and his Brothers'
e Downloadable silent cartoon films (free)
- daft animated gif
e Biogr. (680 W)
f Mini info Catalogue de l’exposition Krazy Herriman
e Color
e Amazon
e 'My Favorite Krazy Kat Panel',5716,190862,00.html
e Encyclopedia Britannica entry
e short bio. and pic (300 W)
'Neuvieme art' Herriman cover

Holman, Bill (1903-1987)
e Bibliography

Horrabin, Frank (James Francis)
Japhet and Happy (Who was that?)

Irvin, Rea
e 16 covers for New Yorker
e The Great Crash: 'The day they sold a unit of stock'

Jacobsson, Oscar

Jeffrey, E.
(Toby Twirl)

Kahles, Charles William

King, Frank (1883-1969)

Kley, Heinrich (1863-1945)
pronounced 'Kligh', ie rhymes with high. No comics and rather an indulgence to place him here. His animals inspired one of the dances in 'Fantasia'.
Cloudburst ca. 1920
Girl and Diver
Dancing Elephant 1
Dancing Elephant 2
Elephant & 2 crocodiles
The Engineer's Dream 1912-13
e (see under 'Simplicissimus')

Knerr, Harold H. (1883-1949) (see: Dirks, Rudolph in 1850-1900)
Comic: 'der prime minister uf Peru' 99 kb
Comic: 'Leaf der Goldfishes alone' 155 kb
Comic: 'Himmel, how did you get so numerous?'
Comic: 'Max und Moritz bringen Sonneschein in Onkel Leo's Leben'
Lustige Blaetter des Morgen-Journal's
Copyright 1908 by the American and Examiner
e Downloadable silent cartoon films (free)
e Katzenjammer Kids

Low, David (1891-1963)
Comic: A Photomaton of Jix (1935) 201 kb
Comic: When I caricature Mr. Baldwin's nose (1935) 61 kb

Mager, Gus

Masereel, Frans (1889-1972)

Die Idee - The idea
'The idea' is a proper comic, the next two more a bunch of thematically related pictures. Not comics, but nice enough.
Die Stadt - The city 1925 (click on image to see the next one)
Die Stadt - The city 1925 (All the images as thumbs on one page)
Landschaften und Stimmungen (landscapes and atmospheres) 1929 (click on image to see the next one)

McCay, Winsor

e 25 comic pages from many of his series (not just Little Nemo)
e Downloadable silent cartoon films (free)
d kurze Biographie
e Biography with some pics (2400 W)
e 'A brief Biography of Winsor McCay'
e 'A Brief History of Gertie the Dinosaur'
e Artwork from "Gertie the Dinosaur"
e Available Books
e 'Text, Image, and Design in the Comics Narratives of Winsor McCay, Art Spiegelman, and Chris Ware' by Gene Kannenberg (4900 W)
e Howard Price (1400 W)
e Gertie The Dinosaur 1914 Does Art imitate Science, or does Science imitate Art?    by Edward Summer
e (this was a great site, but seems to have died)
e Comics; ua 'Nemo Tries Stilts'
e comicpage
e (Kino) 'Adventures in Slumberland' Chris Hicks
e (Kino) 'Adventures in Slumberland' Roger Ebert
f Deux etoffes pour un songe Thierry Smolderen 1985
f Winsor McCay, le magicien Thierry Smolderen 1987

McManus, George (1884-1954)
e Foto, Zeichenbeispiel und Mini-autobiographie
e Comic: Bringing Up Father - Top half of a Sunday page from 1935. 207k Jpeg (‘That wuz a funny thing - me bawlin’ out Maggie, thinking she wuz out an’ she heard me an’it frightened her - now I’ve got the upper hand around here an’ it’s about time -’)
(Bottom half)
e images

Messmer, Otto (1892-1983)

Monvel, Boutet de
e La Fontaine: Comix!!! circa 1905

Opper, Frederick B. (1857-1937)
e (see under 'Puck')

Outcault, Richard Felton (1863-1923/8)
e Yellow Kid
e A few facts about the funnies
e Richard Felton Outcault was born on January 14, 1863...

Payne, A.B.

Payne, Charles M.

Pinchon, Emile (1871-1953)
Bécassine 'Les Surprises de L'autocar' (on the bus) (1938)

Potter, Beatrix
Peter Rabbit in letter form

Powers, T.E.
e 'Mike and Mike' (Comicpage quoted by Seldes)

Rabier, Benjamin (1864/9-1939)
f Mini-biographie

Rea, Gardner (1892-1966)
e Comic 'The Boardroom'

Saint-Ogan, Alain
(1875-1974) & Greg (1931-1999)
e Zig & Puce

Segar (1894-1938)
(two weeks worth of daily strips)
She's too darn romantic (daily)
The Fight (sunday page) 164 kb
Me muskles are like steel wires- (2 panels) 112 kb
Here1s how to draw a tough face (How-to comic) 171 kb
Page about the movies


Seuss, Dr.
(19 -1991)

Soglow, Otto

Sterett, Cliff (1883-1964)
316 kb (fantastic strip)

Tuthill, Harry (1886-1957)

Verbeck, Gustave (1867-1937)
e Bio & comic sample
(Some ealier work is reprinted in 'Histoires sans paroles du Chat Noir' 1998, see: )

Ward, Lynd (1805-1895)
Two very interesting 'novels in woodcut'. Complete:
Madman's Drum
God's Man

Watt, John Millar

Webster, H.T.
e Comic: ‘And nothing can be done about it’

Wheelan, Edgar (1888-1966)
(Minute Movies)

Willard, Frank Henry (1893-1958)


Other Sites/pages about early comics:

Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921
e Comlete silent cartoon films (ie Krazy Kat, Katzenjammer Kids) gratis

The American Comic Book: 1897 - 1932
e History by Robert Beerbohm (9700 W)

(Bibliography) The Comics Research Bibliography

(Bibliography) Michigan State University Libraries
e 863 'comic strip, newspaper panel, and comic book artists'

Chronology of Comic Strips & Comic Books in America
e (starts too late, of course)


Deutschsprachige Comics vor 1945

Early Comic Book Covers
e very early American comicbooks in chronological order, all the covers reproduced. Very nice. (But it does make one yearn to see the contents as well)

Forging a New Medium
Information about the book "Forging a New Medium, The Comic Strip in the 19th Century."

Frühe Comix - Bilder
e/f/d  My visual archive of early comics (just pictures, no text)

The International Museum of Cartoon Art Hall of Fame
e (International my eye) 31 short biographies of US-cartoonists, mostly of newspaper-comics.

(Illustrators) Bud Plant Illustrators
e Large, interesting site with many biographies of artists one rarely hears about. Some dodgy stuff, but nevertheless impressive.

(Illustrators) An Alphabet of Illustrators
e Large, cumbersome, but treasure-trovy picture archive
see also (all a bit confusing):
The Illustrated book

(Illustrators) The Evolution of the Illustrated Children's Book

(Illustrators) Books
e Some decorated book pages from the late 19th Century

(Illustrators) Grimm Fairy Tales
e/d Especially: Illustrations by Otto Ubbelohde, 1907

(Illustrators) Posters
- 10 thumbs of French Advertising posters

Imigrant Stereotypes
e Studies in American Humour - Imigrant Stereotypes: 1880-1900 by William R. Linneman
e 'Cartoons, Ethnic Stereotypes, and Uncle Sam' by David M. Hays

Library of Congress
e Cartoon-related Research at the Library of Congress

Mark Cohen Original Cartoon Art
Mostly more modern work, but some oldtimers in there as well.

Patrick Gaumer
f La bande dessinée francophone des origines aux années 60

Timeline directory
e short overview of names and titles

(? - includes jpg of 'Fliegende Blaetter' cover)
Språknät/Thomas Henrikson DET LUSTIGA SEKELSKIFTET - Svensk skämtpress omkring 1900

d = deutsch
e = englisch
f = franzoesisch
h = hollaendisch
i = italienisch
s = spanisch

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